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Three Reasons to Get Rubbed The Right Way

If you are feeling stressed and want to release some bottled up energy, of course the best course of action is to a get an erotic massage. There is no doubt that will scratch all your itches and end with you a lot more refreshed, invigorated and excited. And here are a few reasons why.

ONE – It’s a hot fantasy

Having a sexy model rub your body up and down and then say some very sexy things as they get between your legs is always going to be a dream come true, and now you can live it. In fact, it is easy to find the perfect looking lady for you, since there are plenty of them who would love to give you an escort massage London experience. You can both pretend like it’s an ‘actual’ massage and that she just can’t help but get naughty because she is so taken by your body, or you can switch back and forth and take turns rubbing each other while getting more and more excited.

TWO – It’s very relaxing

Even before things gets naughty, you are already in a much better state of body and mind when the masseuse is getting her hands all over you. Whatever aches and pains you might have had are lessened, and that means you are in better shape already. It has been repeatedly documented how good massages can be, so even if she takes her time before getting between your legs, just relax and enjoy and know that the way your body is relaxing is only going to make what happens next that much better.

THREE – You can learn a lot

Sure, you might just be going to get a naught massage to get the typical happy ending, or maybe even you do want them to give you a nice slow back rub because you enjoy that a well, but if you really want to get your money’s worth…pay attention! While you are most likely the sole recipient of the massage in this case, if you remember how the masseuse is rubbing, squeezing, and kneading your skin, then you should consider using these same techniques the next time you are in a romantic situation with someone else.

Learning how to give a massage is worth its weight in gold. It can be a very effective way to get both of you to disrobe when you are both interested in getting intimate, but don’t want to just rip off each other’s clothes and go right at it (although there’s nothing wrong with that, either). But in terms of doing something a bit more romantic and relaxing for your date, there’s not many things that can beat a nice massage that becomes something more.

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